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Westminster Dress Code: What Have The Boys From Exeter Started?

Well it all seemed like a joke when boys from the Isca Academy turned up wearing skirts because of the weather but maybe their protest has reached further afield than just Devon? They were protesting that they were not allowed … Continue reading

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The Telegraph In Spoof ‘Letter From The 100’ April Fool

The Telegraph pulled a belter today as they published, on their front page, a ‘letter’ that they claimed ‘over 100’ business chiefs had apparently signed! BBC News and Sky News fell over themselves to try and report the story before … Continue reading

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Energy Companies – Yet Another Way That Take The Mick

If you are old enough then you will be able to remember when the gas and electric meters were in a cupboard or box under the stairs. They were safe there and the Meter-Reader man, they were all men, would … Continue reading

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Beyond The Limits Of Hypocrisy From The US

Having been more than happy to hack every European leader they have ever heard of, along with the possibility that Cameron helped them out, the National Security Agency has now staggered the world. On the day after it was revealed that the NSA … Continue reading

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“Only Heat One Room” Is The Best They Can Come Up With

According to Public Health England the best thing to do is to turn all the heat off apart from the room you spend most of your time in. One of the richest nations has its citizens living life as if in … Continue reading

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These Automated Help Websites Need A Lot Of Help

Here’s some madness. One of our reporters paid off her credit card. Didn’t use it and held on to ‘just in case’. We can’t blame her as a credit of nearly £12K in an emergency is not to be sniffed at. … Continue reading

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Dorset CC To Tighten Up On Advertising Boards Around Dorchester

About time too! They are being cited as a problem for pedestrians trying to use the pavement but they are a bigger danger than that. Too many of them are positioned so that car drivers cannot get a clear view when emerging from a … Continue reading

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