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A Tribute To Syd Barrett Has been Unveiled In Cambridge

A celebration of the life and work of Pink Floyd original member Syd Barrett has been unveiled. Named CODA it is the work of two artists, Clare Palmer and Spade Hopkins. Syd grew up in Cambridge and was there at … Continue reading

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Labour Looking For A Fresh Approach – ‘To Reach-Out To The Voters’

What a diverse collection of individuals the candidates for the Labour Party Leadership are. Really? Are they? Let’s have a little look shall we? First up is Andy Burnham who was educated at his local schools and graduated with a … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Knitting Too Heavy For Lamp-Posts At The Tour de France

Seems the lamp-posts around Cambridge are made of stronger stuff than those around Yorkshire. No longer can the cry of, “Southern Softie” be levelled at those in Cambridge. LINK Seems the knitted bunting that had been prepared for the Tour … Continue reading

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Willy Windsor’s 10 Week Work Experience

The Duke of Cambridge begins a tailor-made, custom-designed, bespoke course based in Cambridge, where he will be a full time student until mid-March, Kensington Palace announced. Well as ‘full time’ as 18 – 20 hours a week can ever be. … Continue reading

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For All Those Fans Who May Have Missed Sue Perkins

Poor old Sue Perkins (Private school and Cambridge) has been totally ignored by the BBC in recent weeks so it is a real delight to see that she is back on the good old Beeb! She presents a completely out-of-character … Continue reading

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The Miranda Affair Goes Deeper To No.10

Nick Clegg’s spokesman gives the first official confirmation that cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood made the request to destroy NSA files on the instructions of David Cameron. That’s the Nick Clegg (Private school and Cambridge) that some of you may remember, Jeremy ‘I Need … Continue reading

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£77m To Be Spent By Cameron On Cycling In England Cities

Doesn’t that sound great? Few people would begrudge Cameron spending that much money to benefit us poor plebs in these days of austerity. Well we would but you had guessed that already. So why are we such a miserable bunch when … Continue reading

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