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What Do You Mean, ‘The Royals Just Take The Mick’?

It’s bad enough when crap actors hand-out crap awards to one another for yet another crap performance. However, when it comes to the royals that doesn’t even come close! The latest piss-take is old Lizzy has gone and knighted Ginger-Harry! … Continue reading

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Rumours Are That The New Pub At Poundbury To Be Named “The Frog & Toad”

For those who are unlucky enough not to live in Dorchester, Dorset, then Poundbury is the chocolate box ‘Village’ that Chazzer Windsor keeps banging on about. By the time the whole area is finished it will have added some 3,000 … Continue reading

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Prince Charles Urges………………… Oh Who Cares You Parasite

Chaz Windsor gives advice on pensions. Never done a day’s work in his life, had his arse wiped for him, sponged off the state the whole of his life and he is passing on financial advice? Here’s some advice………….. Get … Continue reading

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