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Steve Smith Turns On The Tears

Sorry but we have no sympathy for him. He didn’t have to cheat. He didn’t need to join in with Warner to cheat and to ‘persuade’ the new-boy Bancroft to be the patsy. Are the tears because he is sorry … Continue reading

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Aussies Caught Fiddling With Their Balls

Oh the mirror turns!! Having played the ‘Holier Than Thou’ towards every other team the reflection has hit them with full force. Serves them bloody well right!

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So What Does The New Football Season Hold For Us?

By the look of it: more diving, more faking, more cheating, more holding of the face, more diving onto the ball claiming a foul, more surrounding the ref, more arguing with the ref and just a lot a of shit … Continue reading

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Boorish Johnson Shows What A Bully Boy He Is – Again

The Bullingdon Bully Boy, Boorish Johnson, shows the world again how, when he doesn’t get his own way, he resorts to the role of the Eton Schoolboy Bully. This time it was small boy running past him and he couldn’t … Continue reading

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David Luiz – The Cheating Shite-Bag

What a vile little boy. Made worse by the shite of a manager who claimed, ‘Ayy! I did a not a see a it a and a I a hav’ a not a seen a the a video a yet a.” We don’t like … Continue reading

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It’s The ‘Cheating Bastard Of The Week’ Award

Only one contender this week – Luis Suarez!!! When you think about the effort that Mansfield Town made to recognise the horror that was Hillsborough and this is the way the current Liverpool FC treat them. Does make you wonder?

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Luis Suárez The CHEAT

To make it worse, not one of the other Liverpool players had the balls to say anything. Liverpool are 8th in the Premier League while Mansfield Town are 9th in the Blue Square League. Separated by 93 places and yet they still felt the need … Continue reading

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