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Mitchell – Don’t Believe The Hype

Grant Shapps along with Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor have told the media what to do about Andrew Wally Mitchell. The media are falling over themselves to comply. Don’t forget he is an MP, he was the Chief Whip and … Continue reading

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How Come We Can Cut The Forces But Not The Number Of MPs?

We STILL have 650 seats for a bunch of utter wasters but we ‘have’ to lose thousands of those who have defended this country. Efficiency savings? Sack 450 of these low-life politicians who do bugger all other than line their … Continue reading

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C4 News: The Case Of Andrew Mitchell

A very interesting update on what is believed to have gone on that night at the gates of 10 Downing Street. As we find, time and time again, we end up not actually believing anyone. There looks to be a … Continue reading

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For Once Gollum Gove Is Actually Correct

Being the typical Nasty Party Tory Supporter, Gollum was dragged out, kicking and screaming, to say that everything about Wally Mitchell was misunderstood and he’s a jolly good chap. He claimed in an interview on TV that as voters we actually have … Continue reading

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The New Whip: At Least It’s Not ‘Back To Type’

No way, because of course, worried about the impression that Wally Mitchell has left, along with Gideon trying to have a freebie on the trains, Cameron realises he needs someone who the public can relate to. So he chooses: Sir George … Continue reading

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Also For Sale: Very Little Used Whip

Other Items For Sale

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For Sale: Bike With Wicker Basket

Little used bike. Suitable for a lower class pleb who can’t afford anything else. Contact Andrew Mitchell at The Big House On The Hill, A Long Way From Where You Live, I Run The Country Lane, Know Your Place, You … Continue reading

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Andrew Mitchell Reveals A Gentler Side To The World

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MPs’? Honestly, Can You Take Them Seriously?

We’re not sure anymore who is taking the piss here. One of these two stood up in the House of Common-as-Muck today and the other was in a comedy on Saturday. We also noticed this Deadman Walking around among the Commoners … Continue reading

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And STILL Wally Mitchell Has A Job

It looks like Cameron is adopting the aquila non capit musca approach to Mitchell and is pretending he can leave it all to others. The trouble is, with Wally Mitchell still unable to repeat what he believes he said to … Continue reading

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