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Lowell ‘Grab And Dash’ Goddard Refuses To Appear Before A Commons Committee

If you don’t know who Lowell ‘cut and run’ Goddard is then catch up HERE. She is refusing to appear in person before a parliamentary committee to explain her sudden departure from her role as head of the Inquiry into … Continue reading

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Abuse Inquiry Gets Kicked Into Touch As Lowell Goddard Does A Runner

Here at TheField we had our doubts about this inquiry which, to us, seemed to be a sham to diffuse public opinion – the classic reason a politician calls for an inquiry. Link to our previous article. Lowell Goddard has … Continue reading

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Janner Loses His High Court Bid To Dodge Attending Court

The lawyers working for Janner we not able to persuade the High Court that he is ‘unfit’ to attend court to face charges of child sex abuse. This means that he must now attend Westminster Magistrates’ Court this Friday in … Continue reading

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Well That IS A Good Way To Ensure a ‘Cover-Up’ Of Child Abuse!

Seems when all the cak was flying about Greville Janner along with the accusations of child abuse the information was withheld from a certain person. The person they managed to hide it from was none other than the director of public prosecutions … Continue reading

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Bing Adopt A ‘Child Abuse’ Pop-Up. Complacency On The Horizon!

We will continue to bang on about it here: Companies and governments can introduce as many filters and pop-ups they like but NOTHING will replace: PARENTS WHO TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR OWN CHILD Parents will now be … Continue reading

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