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We Should Eat More Deep Fried Chips So As To Save The Planet

Fatty acids released into the air from cooking may contribute to the formation of clouds that cool the climate. Researchers believe the fatty molecules arrange themselves into complex 3-D structures in atmospheric droplets. These aerosols persist for longer than normal … Continue reading

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PM May Gets Chippy During Her Well Rehearsed ‘Public’ Appearance

Well you can believe it was all spontaneous if you like. That is your choice. We know what it looked like and we also have a clear idea what was really going on.

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‘Smaller Portions Of Fish & Chips’ – Save Us From Such Utter Nonsense!!

It hurts us to even report on this. A wholesaler has suggested that ‘The Chippie’ should offer on sale “extra small portions”. Has the world gone mad! JJ Food Service, suppliers to over 1,000 UK chippies, claim that portions could … Continue reading

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Potato Head Tells Merry Barry To Do, “The Great British Back Off!”

Masterchef judge Mr Potato Head has accused Merry Barry of being anti-British. She has suggested that no home should own or use a deep-fat fryer. The Potato pointed out that the nation was “built on chips and spam fritters”, and … Continue reading

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