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Sheffield City Council Launch A Clandestine Pre-Dawn Raid On Rustlings Road

A squad of Council Workers, Contractors and Police in riot gear {maybe} swooped on the residents of Rustlings Road to bang on their doors at 05:00 GMT demanding that they move their cars. Those unable to respond to this assault … Continue reading

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Election Result Analysis – How Much Is Each Seat Worth?

Well that all seems to depend which party you belong to. As the charts show – Not all seats are worth the same. The Greens and UKip can feel, with a great deal of justification, that the whole system is … Continue reading

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This Time, Yes, THIS Time “Education Is ‘Red Line’ In Any FibDem Coalition Deal

You just couldn’t make the stuff up. Nick Clogg really does think the world is like some 4th rate Soap Opera series where no character can remember what happened in the last episode. In the mind of the Cloggmeister then … Continue reading

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Three Images The Coalition Hope You Will Put Out Of Your Mind

Politicians love to be associated with little phrases and sayings. Here are three where they will probably hope you don’t make the connection:

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What Do Their Christmas Cards Tell Us About Our Party Leaders?

“Can’t Answer, Won’t Answer Cameron” opts to stand with Sam and what is left of his security team after Osborne has cut it to the bone. Interesting to note he feels the need to stand outside No. 10 – just … Continue reading

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FibDems Smell A Stinking Rat Called Osborne

In a bold move, well, for FibDems, they have decided {yes, they seem to have made a decision} that they ‘want’ the 2015 Budget brought forward. They don’t DEMAND it from their coalition partners {joke!}; they just ‘want’ it. Someone … Continue reading

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Clegg Sees Fit To Lift The Membership Suspension Of ‘Creepy’ Rennard

Using a level of logic that only a spineless, gutless politician could apply it seems Clegg has decided that ‘Creepy’ Rennard, as he is known around the House, has been sitting on the naughty step long enough. ‘Creepy’ Rennard has … Continue reading

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