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We Should Eat More Deep Fried Chips So As To Save The Planet

Fatty acids released into the air from cooking may contribute to the formation of clouds that cool the climate. Researchers believe the fatty molecules arrange themselves into complex 3-D structures in atmospheric droplets. These aerosols persist for longer than normal … Continue reading

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Donny Dump Signs Away The Future Of The Planet

The so-called president has signed an order that kicks into the long grass all the work Obama did to try and save the planet. Donny Dump claimed this would end the “war on coal” and “job-killing regulations”. In other words, … Continue reading

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Global Warming – The IPCC Report

Very few people deny Climate Change. It has been going  on since the world began but what is not so clear is how much of an impact man is having. The planet, unless you are a nut-job, has been around over … Continue reading

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