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Boris Johnson: A Right Clown Who Thinks He Is Important

Written by Rachel Sylvester and reproduced by Owen Jones. Please, Theresa May, for the sake of our country’s future, sack Boris Johnson. His continued presence as foreign secretary is a national humiliation. The influence of a leftwing Guardian columnist over the … Continue reading

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It Looked Just Like Donald Dump Was Visiting Lewes On November 5th

Lewes on the 5th November is a wonderful place to be. Societies spend the year planning and preparing for a brilliant bonfire night where they burn the effigy of their ‘heroes’. We used to visit back in the 70’s to … Continue reading

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A Tribute To Boorish Johnson – The Next Leader Of The Tory Party

Here at TheField we felt we all wanted to express just what it is that we feel when we hear the name – Boorish Johnson: Mayor of That-There London, MP for Oxbridge, Leader of the Nasty Party and, soon to be, Prime … Continue reading

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Boorish Eton Clown Displays Just How Arrogant He Really Is

In the Real World of numbers hardly anybody in that-there London voted for the pompous git. Only the Media actually vote and promote him. The idea that the Eton Toff just walks into some town and is appointed their candidate for the General … Continue reading

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Do NOT Get Fooled By Johnson

Johnson is a Tory Boy. He is a Tory Toff. He is an old Etonian like that useless git Off-Shore. Do NOT fall into the trap of thinking ‘he’s a bit of a laugh’. He is not but he is a … Continue reading

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