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Damian Green: Classic Tory ‘Duck & Dive’ And Find Somebody To Blame

We’ve seen it so many time before. When a Tory is up to their neck in shite then the ‘Duck & Dive’ team are called out to throw in a dead cat. Porno lover Damian Green {alleged}, who’s computer was … Continue reading

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Who Can Name Their Police and Crime Commissioner?

The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections were a year ago. Has anybody spotted anything they have done for their vast salary? Answers please, on the back of a postage stamp, to the usual email address. We can’t remember who won but … Continue reading

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Who Can Remember The Police & Crime Commissioners Elections?

We’d forgotten all about them as well. These are the people who were voted for by less than 15% of the electorate (ours was just under 17%) and then get paid £70,000 a year or more. What you might not know … Continue reading

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