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How Come Computing Isn’t Getting Any Cheaper?

That’s easy – we are being ripped-off. This isn’t an Apple verses Windows verses Android rant because they are all ripping us off. Some of us at TheField are very old. We were writing, yes writing, programs on grid paper … Continue reading

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Teenagers Far More Tech Savvy Than Grown-Ups: Yeah Right!!

We’ve heard some tosh today! Reports from journalists who, years ago, were the first to call computer users like us ‘Geeks’. They have been pretending they know what they are on about. The journalists know sod all and then imagine … Continue reading

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3 Things MPs Need To Find Out About Computing & ICT

There are only 3 things we ask our politicians to try and understand the differences between. Be a really good idea if they all did it before giving any interviews any time soon. Especially Perry MP. Learn What Is: An … Continue reading

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