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A Tale To Warm Your Heart – Seals Keep In Touch Via The Interweb

Once upon a time there were two seals living in a sanctuary in Cornwall. The trouble was Sija liked Babyface just a tad too much! To overcome this tricky situation the staff down in Cornwall realised they would need to … Continue reading

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How Could Anybody Possibly Suggest Dodgy-Dave Thinks He Is Better Than All Of Us?

Well he does whether you like it or not. How is your mobile phone signal? Do you have to hang out of the window or walk down to the end of the garden to make a call? Around here in … Continue reading

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Part-Time Prime Minister Sees Fit To Return To His 15th Holiday While In No. 10

Hard to believe that a politician with so much to do would be able to find so much free time yet somehow the Bullingdon Boy manages it. We reckon Part-Time Off-Shore Cameron has taken the concept of a Zero-Hours Contract to … Continue reading

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“I’ll Tell You Sam, Those Pasties Are Going To Come Back Later Tonight!”

Looks like Off-Shore would agree that you can’t beat a good Tiddy Oggy.

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Sir Ken Knight – ‘Fire Service Needs Transforming’

Why does that sound like job-cuts? Probably because it almost certainly is! Sir Ken Knight said incidents were down 40% over the past decade but the number of fire-fighters was roughly the same. Ken said having 46 separate authorities was … Continue reading

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