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Now Fitch Strips Britain’s AAA Rating Down To AA+

The Fitch Credit rating agency downgraded Britain’s credit rating on Friday from the top AAA to AA+, citing a weaker economic and fiscal outlook. The move follows a similar downgrading by Moody’s in February.

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The Tories Announce A New Album Release

The eagerly awaited new album from the Sad Four:

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What Did Cameron & Osborne Say About Our Credit Rating?

The Tory manifesto of 2010 came out with a right load of old cobblers: The bedrock of this new economic model will be the stability and low interest rates that come from a credible plan to reduce our record budget deficit, … Continue reading

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Gideon Osborne: An Utter Failure As Credit Rating Is Downgraded

Tory Toss Pot Gideon Osborne has to eat some stone cold humble pie tonight as a credit rating agency downgrades the UK from AAA to AA1. We are pretty sure Gideon had as one of the tests of his own success … Continue reading

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