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Clegg Sees Fit To Lift The Membership Suspension Of ‘Creepy’ Rennard

Using a level of logic that only a spineless, gutless politician could apply it seems Clegg has decided that ‘Creepy’ Rennard, as he is known around the House, has been sitting on the naughty step long enough. ‘Creepy’ Rennard has … Continue reading

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That Creepy BT Broadband Git

How many more Fridays do we have to have before we discover it’s a friend of his mum’s?

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Creepy Piers Morgan Revises History

Odd that this vile individual is still a free man, for the moment, but at least he is using his time wisely. Check these two Tweets: check the line the creepy git came out with in 2009 and compare that … Continue reading

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When It All Comes Together! Young & Savile Promote Cycling

Who would have thought all those years ago that both would get back together again? Yes, dear reader, that really is the new Chief Whip, Sir George Young MP, with his own children (it seems that was all part of … Continue reading

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