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Tour de France: Historic British Win

Chris Froome became the first Briton to win the Tour de France twice when he safely reached the finish line in Paris at the end of the three-week race. Team Sky With Chris Froome In The Yellow Jersey

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Why Have The BBC Given Disgraced Lance Armstrong A Platform To Peddle This Tosh?

Quite why the BBC allowed such a sycophantic interview to take place with no cross-examination is staggering. Only those involved will know why they did it. To make the whole farce even worse he was allowed to suggest that the … Continue reading

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Heartbreak For Mark Cavendish On The First Day Out

Mark Cavendish was left devastated after a fall late on in the first day left him with a dislocated collarbone. The injury means there is no possibility of him taking any further part in this year’s Tour. Poor Mark said, … Continue reading

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The BBC Discover ‘The Tour’ – Real ‘Finger On The Pulse’ News Gathering!

Do you remember when the only place you could find out anything about ‘The Tour’ was on Channel 4? If you had it then you could also see it on Euro-Sport. It hardly got so much as a passing glance … Continue reading

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£77m To Be Spent By Cameron On Cycling In England Cities

Doesn’t that sound great? Few people would begrudge Cameron spending that much money to benefit us poor plebs in these days of austerity. Well we would but you had guessed that already. So why are we such a miserable bunch when … Continue reading

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Tour de France: Chris Froome Wins 100th Edition Of The Race

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Margaret Hodge MP “Was Not Using Her Phone At The Time”

Margaret Hodge MP managed to take a swipe at a cyclist the other day and as a result knocked him clean off his bike! Thankfully the cyclist was said to be unharmed in the incident that the MP said was completely … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong Is Very, Very Sorry

That He Got Caught!

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Are You Really Worried About A Bloke On A Bike?

Maybe it’s that you are being told that you should worry about him? When politicians will happily cut care for the disabled and those least likely to be able to care for themselves. When they tell these people to ‘get … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson Forced To Retract ‘A Pack Of Lies’ Shocker!

Seems the Mayor of That-There-London, Boris Heaven-Help-All-Of-Us Johnson, is getting found out when it comes to talking all his usual cobblers. We can only hope that as scrutiny is given to the crap he talks he will be exposed as the … Continue reading

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