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So How Long Do We Think Danny-Dimwit And Esther McVile Will Have To Wait For An Ermine Cape?

Probably nearer the truth to call it a vermin cape! We reckon these two will receive the standard present awarded to those who fail in the House of Commoners. It’s just a matter of time surely?

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Danny Dimwit Alexander Really Enjoyed The Wallace And Gromit ‘Gag’

He’s STILL Laughing!

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Danny-Boy Alexander – Painful To Watch

Danny-Boy appeared on Daily Politics today and, while not quite as bad as the truly dreadful Susan Kramer, still gave the impression of a slow-motion car-crash. It actually hurt to watch him avoiding the most obvious questions that Andrew Neil … Continue reading

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Fair Play To Nick Clegg – He Does Have A Sense Of Humour!

We wonder what he’ll be doing on 8th May 2015? He tries his best, problem is, his best isn’t very good! Poor old Nick falls into the ‘Talk is Cheap’ crowd. What he says always sounds good but what he … Continue reading

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Just How Gutless, Spineless And Lacking Integrity Are Our Politicians?

Well, to use a football metaphor, right there at about 110%. They think they can lie, cheat, over-claim, evade and refuse to accept everything for 4 years yet the slate will be simply wiped clean. They are so shallow and superficial … Continue reading

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Chris ‘Creepy’ Rennard V Danny ‘Boy’ Alexander

In The RED CORNER – Chris ‘CREEPY’ Rennard! He has had a new statement issued on his behalf which says he “refutes” the allegations and will “co-operate with any properly constituted inquiry”. It added: “He would reiterate that in 27 years of working for the … Continue reading

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Maybe, Just Maybe, Clegg Has Revealed More Than He Intended

With the comments from Clogger about indirect and non-specific concerns the way he dealt with it at the time might just tell all of us a great deal about the man. To deal with the ‘concerns’ he sent along his … Continue reading

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