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The Commons Approves Plans To Recall MPs – All Utter Tosh

As usual, having done next to nothing, our MPs are trying to make out they have made a huge step forward. They are all patting themselves on the back because they have changed the Trigger Point at which an MP … Continue reading

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Clegg Slowly Emerges From His Underground Hole

Having taken 3 and a half years to think of one, Clegg has finally come up with something to argue with Cameron about. Clegg has made the intellectual breakthrough of realising that it’s probably a good idea if teachers really … Continue reading

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Laws To Cut The Cost Of Expensive School Uniforms

Education minister David ‘£40K’ Laws is to urge schools in England to cut the cost of school uniforms to help hard-pressed parents. “Well That Comes As A Relief, Daphne!”

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The FibDem Party Conference – The High Points Lest We Forget

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David Laws Talks Out Of His Arse – Yet Another Claim

This is the David Laws who claimed £40,000 from the tax payer and who was  found guilty and suspended from the House of Commons for 7 days by MPs in a vote on 16 May 2011. This is also the … Continue reading

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David Laws Is A Bit Of A Shit – Suggests His Father

Father of disgraced David Laws says “the Lib Dem deserves to be in jail over expenses.” But What’s-the-point-of-Nick-Clegg welcomed him with open arms. Just how toe-curling was that? This is what his OWN FATHER thinks. This is what WE think.

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Even Worse Than The Bullingdon Club

So Off-Shore sticks with his best Chum Gideon while Clogger gets Lawless back by his side. Nice. Better contact HM Stationary Office – looks like we are going to need a hell of a lot more expense forms at the … Continue reading

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