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So Exactly Why Was Boorish Johnson With Dodgy Dave In New York On Thursday Evening?

Eyes were on Trafalgar Square last night as thousands gathered to remember the victims of the Westminster terror attack. There were people there from around the world, much like the victims of the attack. The world’s media also turned up … Continue reading

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Cameron Moves Outside Of His Country Estate And Reveals What An Ignorant Prat He Really Is

No doubt having picked up his passport, Dodgy-Dave went out on expedition. He fancied a trip to the ‘Frozen North’ and decided to head off towards Yorkshire; wherever that is? He claimed he was going there to deliver a speech … Continue reading

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Apple, Taylor Swift ‘Dispute’ Just A Cunning Stunt?

Wow! What a PR story. A real case of David and Goliath as the huge multi-national actually listens to the poor little lone girl and then changes its mind. Who would have thought that a decision made by high-power executives … Continue reading

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The World Is Not A Nice Place Just Now But Problems Do Not Just ‘Go Away’

There are dreadful events going on around the world which are way beyond the scope of this haphazard blog. Nobody here would even attempt to pass comment but not through any disrespect. Far from it; quite the opposite. There are … Continue reading

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The Ashes Hotspot Nonsense

The Whingeing Aussies back home have now come up with the latest theory as to why they are so crap. Seems our batsmen are putting silicone tape on the edges of their bats to avoid being given out by Hot Spot. … Continue reading

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Tory Party Funding In Case Cameron Has Forgotten

While the Posh-Boy, Off-Shore Cameron, is bleating on about unions funding the Labour Party he might like to reflect on where he gets HIS money from. LINK 50% Of Tory Funds Come From The City In 2010 that was £11,400,000 to fund … Continue reading

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After That Performance – “David, This Could Be The Night For A Coup D’état!”

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