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Does May Have The Slightest Idea What She Is Doing?

Clearly, as the examples here show, she doesn’t have a clue. What are people who want to vote for her thinking of? It’s all pretty embarrassing to be perfectly honest – enjoy –

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“Strong & Stable” My Arse – Clueless & Spineless More Like It!

The thing to remember with all of this is that May-Day did not have to call an election. Every other party thought it wouldn’t come along for another three years. She called it so, in theory, she had a head … Continue reading

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The First Debate To Save The World

Here at TheField Towers we are staggered. Staggered that in a country that recognises it has some 250,000,000 inhabitants it comes down to this. With that vast number to choose from the final two in the race are Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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What A Hoot! MPs Could Debate ‘No-Confidence’ In Dodgy-Dave!

A petition, which accuses Dodgy-Dave of causing “devastation for the poorest in society for the last 5 years” is closing in on the 100,000 signatures which are required to trigger a Parliamentary Debate. If a petition passes 10,000 signatures it … Continue reading

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Tess May Uses Smoke & Mirrors When It Comes To Justice

What a pitiful bunch they all are. Arsing about this afternoon making out they are working. What a bunch of chancers. The best part though was a clear case of CSS; the Commons Seat Shufflers. These are the ‘bodies’ that … Continue reading

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That Is How ‘Out Of of Touch’ Cameron Is With The Country

Our democratic process did work however and we should be proud of that. Lessons have been learnt and the response of just lashing out because ‘we have to do something’ seems to have been rejected.

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