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So What Are We To Make Of The Cameron Performance Today?

Well the first thing to say is that it was most definitely a ‘performance’. He clearly played to the audience on every occasion and looked for a media/photo opportunity at every instance. While he must have felt this looked good there … Continue reading

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Owen Paterson – Uses The “Nothing To Do With Me “ Defence

Well into his 4th year in the ‘job’ but Owen Paterson is still trying to claim that, “It’s Nothing To Do With Me Guv”. Makes you wonder what we are paying him for. Come to that, makes us ask why we … Continue reading

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Government Badger Killing Falling Short Of The Mark

The Somerset Killing Spree of the native Badger is not quite as bloodthirsty as ministers had been hoping it would be. They have ordered the killing of 2,000 badgers around the county but after two-weeks of an intended six-week slaughter … Continue reading

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TB In Cats – Is It Time For A ‘Cat-Cull’?

Cats are one of many animals that can suffer from TuBerculosis. It can also infect cattle and badgers, for example. LINK Given the health scares of TB infected meat entering the food chain and the need to cull badgers around … Continue reading

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The Badger Cull Protest Today – Thanks To John Cooper QC

We feel sure John Cooper QC will be pleased that we have passed on this photo from his recent Twitter. Dr Brian May is there as well plus a wide range of speakers who have highlighted some rather dubious ‘scientific’ assumptions made by the Government. … Continue reading

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