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Who Remembers The, “My Dogs Got No Nose” Gag?

“My Dogs Got No Nose” “How Does He Smell?” “Dreadful!” Now here’s a twist and we have Toby. Toby is different because he’s got two noses! Toby doesn’t appear to have any medical problems but until a saviour appeared he … Continue reading

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The Crufts Mystery Deepens

We reported on the death of poor Jagger some time ago and now the mystery has taken a new turn. LINK Seems the dog was poisoned as was feared but with very fast acting poisons. The autopsy revealed that both … Continue reading

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This Is For All Dog Lovers – Just Follow The Link

Just follow the link to – MY DOG

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CSI: Dog Do-Do DNA Detective Dept.

Here’s a great story to start the New Year with and it could only come from America. A condo complex in Jacksonville is so tired of dog do-do all over the place they are taking drastic action. They are gathering … Continue reading

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