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GDP Just 0.6% – Gideon Osborne Is The Worst Economist Around

There has been some real bollox spin about today. The likes of Gideon is so desperate for  praise that he is applying all manner of self-congratulations to these meagre figures. While he bounces up and down pretending he understands economics … Continue reading

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Osborne Pleased To Announce Economic Growth Of 2.5%

In The First Quarter In……… America! —LINK All looks a bit ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Osborne.

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Cameron Doesn’t Have A Bloody Clue – Shapps Explains All

So not only did he get his speech about economic growth all cocked-up now he has had to be told, by of all people Grant Shapps, that he was talking utter cobblers when talking about the exemptions to the Bedroom Tax. … Continue reading

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Osborne ‘Makes It Perfectly Clear’ What A Smug Git He Is

Gideon Osborne must rate as one of the most odious individuals in the house of Commoners and, let’s be fair, he is up against some pretty stiff opposition. This afternoon he attempted to re-write history, claim none of it was to do … Continue reading

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