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Cameron Prepares For The Pantomime Season

“The big 6 listen to me” – oh no they don’t! “It’s not a climb down” – oh yes it is! “It’s not a price freeze” – oh yes it is! “I’m not panicking” – oh yes you are! “Good … Continue reading

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Cameron And Miliband – Not Too Sure We Know The Difference

Now that The Ibiza-Boy, Off-Shore Cameron is back in the country and Ed Milibland has given us all a couple of speeches we are left a little confused. We can’t be certain anymore that we know which one is which. Can anyone … Continue reading

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Ed Milibland Says, “Caps Will Not Be Reversed Under Labour”

 Poor old Ed gets more like The Ibiza-Boy, Off-Shore Cameron, everyday. LINK

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Adenoid Ed – What Is He Going On About?

Bit of preparation would help. Where do you put your notes? What was that, “A fork in the” what?

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Labour’s Ed Milibland Says “I’m Just Like Margaret Thatcher”


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