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Electing Your Party Leader – What An Utter Shambles!

Well it started with the Tories. Dodgy said he’d be leader until 2020 but then decided to have a referendum that he didn’t need to call for another 3 years. He loses the vote with the electorate which somehow transpires … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now! Don’t You Just Love The Sound Of Fear In The Voice Of A Politician?

It’s been a wonderful few days. The sound of political fear in the air. The stink of garbage emanating from press officer after press officer. All guaranteed to warm the heart. The really exciting thing is that after tonight there … Continue reading

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Gideon Osborne: The First Time Buyers Catcher

Just a word of warning to all First Time Buyers. The first thing to remember is that this is a General Election Bribe. Don’t kid yourselves because that’s what this is. How long was it taking to save that deposit … Continue reading

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Can We Save ‘Came View’? Dorchester Election Results

Saving Came View Right then you two. You stood on a ticket that said, “Richard & Trevor are completely opposed to plans to build 1,000 houses at Came Down…….” All we can say is, “You’d better stick to it because that’s … Continue reading

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Elections – Who Will Take The Biggest Hit?

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Election Weather Warning – ‘There Will Be Bull All Over The Country’

Brace yourselves citizens for a  morning of persistent bullshite as useless politician after useless politician stands up to tell us: It was a wonderful victory….. We didn’t expect to win this seat…… Given the seats we gained last time….. Given the … Continue reading

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SAVE CAME DOWN – Dorset C.C. Elections On Thursday

This is a local election and we urge you to vote on local issues. We simply do not need 1,000 houses built at Came Down. Once this ‘thin-end-of-the-wedge’ is pushed in then our county town will be ruined forever. We … Continue reading

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“Anybody Apart From The Sitting MP”

We will refer to this campaign every now and again as the fancy takes us. As regular readers know our basic mantra is, in current day language: “A plague on ALL your houses.” That’s all very well but what can … Continue reading

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Elections In The US Are A Bit Different To Ours! And Some!

They don’t mess with pretty political lines over the pond. Oh no, they say it just like it is! Steady yourself for a video hit at Oven-Mitt Romney and no mistake. Why You Shouldn’t Vote For Oven-Mitt Ouch! WARNING: Contains strong … Continue reading

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Just When You Thought Our Politicians Are CRAP!

Don’t you just love it when the sick and the poor are told how they should vote by an overpaid, well past-his-best, movie ‘star’ and a couple of Multi-Millioniares? It’s hard to believe and then we thought OUR system was … Continue reading

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