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For All Liz Truss MP Fans – Find Lizzy The Easy Way

The easiest way to find the reports here in TheField all about Liz Truss is to use the simple search facility to the top-right of this article.

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The Lovely Liz Truss Goes After A Piece Of Pork

It has taken a while for us to track down but at last we’ve uncovered the amazing Liz Truss at the recent Tory Conference. We are pleased to include it here with Lizzy making a real impression on her audience-

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340 MPs Get Us To Pay Their Energy Bills For Them

The Sunday Mirror has revealed this fact along with the amazing claim from one Tory git millionaire who has claimed £5,822 in just 1 year. Nadhim Zahawi claimed £4,557 for his electricity and a further £1,265 for oil. Alan Duncan is another one … Continue reading

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Esther McVey Gives Us Her First Interview Following Her ‘Promotion’

“I’d just like to tell all of your readers that I am not an arse licking slapper!” So there you have it straight from the horse’s arse mouth.

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Nick Clegg Does Something At Last! – Child Care

Reading between the lines it does seem that Nick ‘Clogger’ Clegg has actually talked some sense. He does seem to suggest, and we would agree with him, that Liz Truss is a bloody idiot. That’s a pretty good call from … Continue reading

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How Clueless Is Lizzie Truss MP?

We would love to know how she can square a very odd circle. She talks with one breath about: “Paying child carers higher salaries.” She then claims that: “This will reduce the cost to parents.” We would also love to know … Continue reading

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Truss MP – Does She Have A Clue What She Is Doing?

This is Elizabeth Truss who, you may remember, we brought news to you before. You know the one, so keen on The Family that she had an affair and broke up the marriage of her Tory lover. LINK She is … Continue reading

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