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Busy, Busy!

Lot’s to do around the office today so catch-up with us tomorrow as we look back at the Tory Party Rally as they marched, the limited number they could muster at least, on Manchester. Did any of them actually say anything … Continue reading

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An 80 Space Car Park In The Centre Of Hampshire – Never, Ever Been Used

They had a great idea 5 years ago when they built a gym in the centre of Farnborough. As a bonus to their customers they turned their roof into a car park for up to 80 cars. The trouble is … Continue reading

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MPs Debate ‘Arms To Syria’ But Don’t Bother To Turn Up

Stands to reason really. After all it IS Thursday afternoon so they have all skipped off home as usual – probably after PMQs. These Look Interested Just Leave Your Papers Behind For Somebody Else To Clear Up Deputy Speaker Looks … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Old People’s Home To Keep Open?

Money well spent keeping these old folks warm. As usual, messing about on their phones!!

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Full House At The Commons – As IF!!!!

All working so very hard today. Barely a dozen sat in there this afternoon. They will probably make out they have all gone to Eastleigh – as bloody if!!

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