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The MCC Look To Bring Cricket Up To Date With Major Law Changes

We might yet see the Red Card appear on a cricket pitch somewhere as umpires are given the power to send players off. They can be dismissed for poor on-field behaviour. That might see an end to all that ridiculous … Continue reading

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Obviously No Room For KP In The England Team As He Hits 326 Not Out

Kevin Pietersen, our best batsman by a country mile and a half, has just hit 326 runs for Surrey against Leicestershire and he is still not out. He smacked 34 for four and a further 14 for six. His 326 … Continue reading

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England Ashes Sponsor: “It’s Just NOT Cricket”

Nice spot from Private Eye concerning our, currently, very successful England Cricket Team. Two victories mean they have had lots of publicity and this must have pleased their Sponsor, Brit Insurance, no end. Slight problem though, even though they call … Continue reading

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The Wisdom Of The ‘Three Day Cricket Experts’

The problem when a sport becomes the ‘News’ item of the day is that people who know nothing about it start to watch. They have never played the game and have no knowledge of what goes on but after watching … Continue reading

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The ‘England’ Cricket Team

It’s a funny old game.

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