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Political Hogwash Translated Into English Part 3

For those out there who love to play “Political Bungo” may like to add these phrases to their game cards. Just as the Oxford English Dictionary has added new words and terms to its latest edition, Bedroom Tax is one … Continue reading

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We Are Not American!!!!!!!

It is NOT “World War Zee” We are English – It is “World War ZED!!! ZED!!! ZED!!! ZED!!!” Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ####ing Yanks, telling us how to speak???? It’s a ZED you illiterate half-wits!! Zed!! Zed!! Zed!! Zed!! Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Three Issues That Are Really Getting On Our Nerves

The first of these is that we are sick and tired of the use of the word ‘issues’. They are not ‘issues’ they are problems! The trouble is if it is a ‘problem’ then something will need to be done … Continue reading

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What Was That You Said, Adenoid Ed?

Poor old Adenoid Ed Milibland is skating on some pretty thin ice from where we are sat. He needs to be a little bit careful because half the time we don’t actually have a clue what on earth Adenoid Ed … Continue reading

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English GCSE Retakes: What Are The Chances?

It must be reasonable to assume that the students who want to re-take their English GCSE exam are looking to improve their current grade. We are left to ask a pretty obvious question. Given that the students have not repeated … Continue reading

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