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So Why Has The GCSE ‘Good’ Pass Rate Gone Down?

Pretty much due entirely to the government with Gove and Morgan. These two Public School knobbers, both sacked now by Tess May, loved to talk about ‘extending every child’. This was all complete bollox of course. All they wanted to … Continue reading

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Something We Need To Mention As We Are ‘Going Forward’

Where did this stupid phrase come from? America? Bound to be, they’re stupid enough. Now every idiot who comes on the media has to talk about ‘Going Forward’. Prats. The phrase they are looking for is ‘in the future’. Oh … Continue reading

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We Are Not American!!!!!!!

It is NOT “World War Zee” We are English – It is “World War ZED!!! ZED!!! ZED!!! ZED!!!” Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ####ing Yanks, telling us how to speak???? It’s a ZED you illiterate half-wits!! Zed!! Zed!! Zed!! Zed!! Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Citizenship Test: What It Is To Be English!!

We’ve decided that, for once, we would help Cameron with his idea of Citizenship. Now as is usual with Off-Shore he can’t quite get it right but we are prepared to point out just what it is to be quintessentially … Continue reading

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What Was That You Said, Adenoid Ed?

Poor old Adenoid Ed Milibland is skating on some pretty thin ice from where we are sat. He needs to be a little bit careful because half the time we don’t actually have a clue what on earth Adenoid Ed … Continue reading

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A LIVE Edition Of Waterloo Road

In an attempt to help students taking their English GCSE Exam the BBC are broadcasting a Special Live Edition of Waterloo Road called: ‘An Ofsted Inspector Calls’ The good news for all of us is that the inspector might well … Continue reading

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