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So Cameron, Looks Like They Don’t Teach Cricket At Eton?

Off-Shore Cameron pretends to be sporty – how contrived is that!? Who can forget his pathetic display of badminton with Seb ‘I made an Olympic fortune’ Coe in the garden at Downing Street? Pitiful. Now we have him pretending he has a … Continue reading

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Panorama Tonight: Can Cameron Sleep After That?

It would be nice to think that Sam-Cam was giving him some earache for something closer to home than Syria. Trouble is the bloke is so far up his own arse that we doubt he takes the slightest notice of … Continue reading

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Glastonbury Tonight With The Eton Boys!

Shame Paul Weller isn’t back with some Eton Rifles and some blokes from Slough.

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Cameron Steals Gove’s Clothes

Off-Shore has the solution to all the education problems of this country. It does not involve spending £30,000 on each student, like at Eton where Cameron went, no! It’s much simpler than that – “Teachers in suits,” that’s what we … Continue reading

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Do NOT Get Fooled By Johnson

Johnson is a Tory Boy. He is a Tory Toff. He is an old Etonian like that useless git Off-Shore. Do NOT fall into the trap of thinking ‘he’s a bit of a laugh’. He is not but he is a … Continue reading

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