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Ivanka Dump Looks To Take One At The White House

Ivanka is now joining the Family Swamp at the White House as more and more Dump family members look to run America. Seems the federal anti-nepotism laws don’t apply to Donny and only a few seem to have the balls … Continue reading

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Children Exploit Parents With Nothing Between Their Ears

The OFT is concerned about in-game charges, saying it has seen evidence of “potentially unfair and aggressive commercial practices” after studying 38 popular titles. It has not said which they are. LINK CHILDREN might be particularly susceptible to such tactics, it … Continue reading

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Truss MP – Does She Have A Clue What She Is Doing?

This is Elizabeth Truss who, you may remember, we brought news to you before. You know the one, so keen on The Family that she had an affair and broke up the marriage of her Tory lover. LINK She is … Continue reading

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Jack Straw Might Want To Look In The Mirror

We realise he needs to sell a book but does he need to include stuff like this? Of Mr Smith’s drinking, he (Straw) adds: ‘It is not  possible for someone that dependent on alcohol to determine, in advance, when he  needed … Continue reading

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