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So Just How Stupid Are Our Footballers?

So first we get the case of the injured player. He lies down on the floor holding his leg. Oh the pain. Will he ever be able to play again? Somehow he manages to get to his feet and wander, … Continue reading

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Tory Party Rally – 2017

So where do we start? Obviously the fat elephant in the room was Boorish Johnson but nearly every MP was too busy cakking themselves to dare mention him apart from a few honest souls who were then thrown out into … Continue reading

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What’s The Point Of Having Floodlights If They Are No Bloody Use?

After 4 days of utter tedium the England Test match against Pakistan finally burst into life in the last 2 hours of the total of 5 days. The Pakistan wickets tumbled one after another and they were suddenly in a … Continue reading

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Cameron Rejects ‘Planting Questions’ Accusations Concerning PMQs

As he slinks away for a four and a half week holiday, Off-Shore Cameron is rejecting claims that PMQs is now a scripted pantomime. He has been accused of texting suitable questions to his backbenchers in the morning so as … Continue reading

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Ashes Fiasco As Aussies Run For The Hills

Seems very odd that cricketers can wear sunglasses all day but if it gets close to dusk then suddenly they can’t see anything. As for the current Laws concerning bad light then we just have to ask how can it … Continue reading

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Time For Jeremy Isa Hunt To Show He Has Some Balls

Some of these characters in the CQC need to be put in front of a jury and a charge put to them. We hope we are wrong. We could well be wrong but we fear one hell of a lot of wiggling on the part … Continue reading

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