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Danny-Boy Alexander – Painful To Watch

Danny-Boy appeared on Daily Politics today and, while not quite as bad as the truly dreadful Susan Kramer, still gave the impression of a slow-motion car-crash. It actually hurt to watch him avoiding the most obvious questions that Andrew Neil … Continue reading

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Fair Play To Nick Clegg – He Does Have A Sense Of Humour!

We wonder what he’ll be doing on 8th May 2015? He tries his best, problem is, his best isn’t very good! Poor old Nick falls into the ‘Talk is Cheap’ crowd. What he says always sounds good but what he … Continue reading

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Clegg Sees Fit To Lift The Membership Suspension Of ‘Creepy’ Rennard

Using a level of logic that only a spineless, gutless politician could apply it seems Clegg has decided that ‘Creepy’ Rennard, as he is known around the House, has been sitting on the naughty step long enough. ‘Creepy’ Rennard has … Continue reading

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Have YOU Just Joined The £300 – A – Day Club? These Have!

Yes, this little crowd can now pick-up £300–a–day of Tax-Payers money for just turning up. Some might end up doing something but they do not have to in order to qualify for the £300. Nice little number if you can … Continue reading

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Anyone Would Think A General Election Was Less Than A Year Away!

Ed Milibland was the first to start it. Ed said, “I think what we need is a Public Question Time where regularly the Prime Minister submits himself or herself to questioning from members of the public in the Palace of … Continue reading

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Is This Really Appropriate For A Deputy Prime Minister Given The Current Events?

Looks like Clegg is given up on politics and is already pitching for a job in the media. With the state of the world at this current moment in time this is how Clegg thought he could best spend his … Continue reading

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Poor Nick Clegg – It Really Has Been A Dreadful Ten Days

If he wasn’t such an apologist for Tory cuts and breaking his own pledges we could almost start to feel really sorry for him. His problem is all that baggage he carries around and that will weigh him down for the … Continue reading

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