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FibDems Smell A Stinking Rat Called Osborne

In a bold move, well, for FibDems, they have decided {yes, they seem to have made a decision} that they ‘want’ the 2015 Budget brought forward. They don’t DEMAND it from their coalition partners {joke!}; they just ‘want’ it. Someone … Continue reading

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High Noon At The FibDem Ranch

Do not forsake me oh my darling……. Knock Clanger has the prospect of Rennard turning up for a ‘day’ at The Lords at around 2:30 pm today. So what will Clanger do given his pledge this morning?

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12/11/2013: A Date Of Shame For Many Of Our Politicians

The fact that is comes the day after Remembrance Day is even more shameful. Clear demonstration that for many of them wearing a poppy was just something they were told to do. The Tories and the even more shameful FibDems licked … Continue reading

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The FibDem Party Conference – The High Points Lest We Forget

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Nick Clegg Shows What He Thinks About It All

“She’d Have Never Got Re-Elected Anyway!” (says the Pot)

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