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Looks As If Gary Barlow Has An Album To Sell

Having been involved in what ‘nice’ people refer to as “an aggressive tax avoidance scheme” – although we would all call it a ‘right fiddle’ – Gary Barlow has, after 4 months, finally said something about it. The musical hero … Continue reading

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IPSA Issue Warning Over The Rise In MPs Pay

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority leader has issued a warning concerning MPs’ pay. They have told the three party leaders not to poke their noses in and to leave it to them. Their findings will be published on Thursday but we have had a … Continue reading

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The House Of Lords & Commons- Is Anyone NOT ‘At It’?

Hardly any wonder the lazy gits get sod-all done. Even when they finally make it to their place of work all they are interested in is getting their snouts in as many troughs as they can get away with. Three years … Continue reading

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