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A Dead Cat Appears Right On Cue

The problem at number 10 this week has been, “How can we distract the plebs from worrying about the cover-up of what happened at Orgreave and just how much Thatcher was responsible for the behaviour of the police officers there?” … Continue reading

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Three FIFA Officials Award Themselves £55,000,000

Seems our MPs still have a lot to learn. Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke and Markus Kattner managed to award themselves pay rises and ‘bonuses’ to the tune of £55 million over a 5 year period. Now then, be honest {unlike … Continue reading

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Dodgy-Dave And His ‘Follow The Money’ Campaign

Poor old Dodgy, he just opens his mouth and forgets to think through what he is actually saying. The poor bloke sees everything in isolation and is never able to see any connection with anything else. Crosby feeds him a … Continue reading

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Cameron – Who Couldn’t Remember Which Team He ‘Supports’ – Claims Blatter Shouldn’t Run Football

Dodgy-Dave has stuck his nose into the FIFA debate and said that Blatter must resign, adding “the sooner that happens the better”. This is the same Dodgy-Dave who couldn’t remember if it was West Ham or Aston Villa who where his … Continue reading

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Septic Blatter Looks To Hang On

You can’t blame him – he’s made an absolute fortune over his deals with world football. Naturally, he knows nothing of any corruption that was going on. Yeah, right. He’s the perfect role-model of our own Dodgy-Dave who adopts the … Continue reading

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