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The Number Of Foodbanks Increases While Tesco Reveal Food Waste Of Nearly 119 Million Meals

That is a colossal 59,400 tonnes of food just going to waste. It represents food that is edible but has gone unsold for whatever reason. Now Dave Lewis, of Tesco, is looking to do more to redistribute their surplus edible … Continue reading

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After The Foodbank ‘Debate’ Here Are Some Words From Theresa May

These are from the conference speech 7/10/2002 – so, so hollow. LINK “There’s a lot we need to do in this party of ours. Our base is too narrow and so, occasionally, are our sympathies. You know what some people … Continue reading

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It’s The Return Of “The Quiz Of The Week!”

For one week only we are delighted to revive the world-famous “Quiz of the Week!” Can you spot the ‘Odd – 1 – Out’ amongst these three? It IS a tricky one. We must also have the reason why for … Continue reading

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Horsemeat Burgers: All Seems Very Darwinian To Us

Who, in their right mind, would imagine you could really buy a box of 8 burgers for a £1 and that they would then turn-out to be of the highest quality? The packaging and transportation alone must cost more than … Continue reading

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