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Athletics Doping: Wada Commission Wants Russia Ban

Coe is the IAAF president but has been the second in command since 2007. His boss was Lamine Diack who is now under investigation by the French Police. Coe having taken over says he is ‘now’ going to do something … Continue reading

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Are Our Press Really, Really THICK?

How is it that they can not grasp what the French Prosecutor is telling them? The arrogance of our pitiful media types is really something to witness. Are they incapable of remembering the Last Question that was asked? Is that … Continue reading

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Seems Inspector Clouseau Is Still Employed By The French Police

It only took them 8 hours to discover that there was a small child hidden at the murder scene. A four-year old child was left under the body of her dead mother for 8 hours as the French police managed to overlook her. As  … Continue reading

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