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Is Nigel Farage Two Faced?

You decide. Here is what he said on Question Time: “Can we just get to the truth of this – £350 million a week is wrong, it’s higher than that,” “FACT – absolute fact – from the official statistics cross-checked … Continue reading

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We’re Confused – Does This Make Reckless A Defector Or A Deserter?

As a Commander of his Tanks, Nigel Fromage will need to decide how Mark ‘Wreck-Less’ Reckless is to be treated. The Press will be all over this in the morning and they need to get their strategy sorted and their troops mobilised. Even … Continue reading

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Nigel Fromage Does NOT Start A Glut Of Juvenile Photoshop Puns

We are pleased to note that nobody has started producing silly, childish Photoshop manipulations of Fromage in a tank. That really would be a pretty poor show and not something we at TheField would enter into. We do hope that … Continue reading

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At Least One Tory Has Finally Done The Right Thing – Resigned!

Patrick Mercer was caught with his pants down, figuratively speaking. He was suspended from the House of Commons for allegedly asking ‘Cash for Questions’ some 6 months ago. He was filmed, undercover, agreeing to push for Fiji to return to … Continue reading

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