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Cameron To Explain Tax Avoidance To The G8 Leaders

Can’t think why this vision came into our heads.

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Cameron Encourages Security Organisations On Eve Of G8

“We, sort of, sometimes take for granted a bit in the West, you know, that you have a relatively honest police force, a standing Army, you have the institutions of government so things can get done.” Only ‘relatively honest’ then. … Continue reading

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Cameron – “Could I Possibly Interest You In This……..”

“…….Pile Of Shite?” “I’ve run it down as much as I possibly can.”

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Is Cameron Suffering From Selective Amnesia At The G8?

Does he never look in the mirror before he delivers his speeches? Tax Transparency indeed! Cameron And The Points We Think He Should Address

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Cameron At The G8 – Is He Avoiding The Uncomfortable Truth?

Off-Shore Cameron isn’t trying to divert attention from his own financial affairs is he? Just wondering. LINK TO CAMERON QUERIES

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While Cameron Is Telling The G8 About Tax, Here’s A Thing

A few things Cameron might like to expand upon while he tries to adopt the higher moral ground – Thanks Dave! Work by Dr Nick Draper from University College London British Slave-Owners £20m paid out in ‘compensation’ 40% of the … Continue reading

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G8 Leaders Live In A Complete Fantasy World – Fact!

When the leaders go to the G8 meeting they are not allowed to see the crumbling economy they are responsible for. All the empty shop fronts will be covered up to save them feeling embarrassed at the sight of them (as if … Continue reading

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