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Gove With Yet ANOTHER Education Shambles!

Well known for making plans for Education on the Back-Of-A-Fag-Packet, Gollum Gove has done it yet again! Education Secretary Gollum wanted new ‘O’-level-style GCSE exams and tougher A-levels introduced in 2015. However his plans to revamp England’s exams system are being delayed … Continue reading

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GCSE Results: Media Gets Into It’s Usual Frenzy Over Nothing

The buzzword this year seems to be: Early Entry Now here is a shocker! There is a bloke in the office who took some ‘O’ Levels, yes he is that old, at the end of the 4th Year! That’s the end of … Continue reading

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Education In England Today

What is the difference between these two statements? 1)      We need to change the GCSE exam because too many students are getting the top grades. 2)      Schools need to push students harder because not enough students are getting the top grades. … Continue reading

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Gove Says, “The Performance Of MPs Should Be Graded”

Gollum Gove has insisted that, “The performance of our current crop of piss-poor politicians should be graded so that voters know what they getting.” He told us exclusively, “Some of them are so crap it is hard to believe they can … Continue reading

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GCSE English Exam Scandle

Depending what you read it seems it was everybody’s fault while at the same time it was nobody’s fault. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to us and that does appear to be the intention. Our opinion is pretty straightforward … Continue reading

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English GCSE Retakes: What Are The Chances?

It must be reasonable to assume that the students who want to re-take their English GCSE exam are looking to improve their current grade. We are left to ask a pretty obvious question. Given that the students have not repeated … Continue reading

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