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Pensioner Bonds Are Not A Cheap Electioneering Trick – Not Much!!

Having had savings rates at a laughable 1% for longer than most of us can remember Gideon suddenly comes up with an idea. It could be his first. Out on the open market it is possible to squeeze out 1.85% and … Continue reading

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On By-Erection Day Gideon Tries To Give The Tories A Head Start

In danger that Nigel Fromage could embarrass the Tory party Off-Shore Cameron has sent Gideon the Gidiot along to Clacton. He is looking to give the Tory hopeful there a head-start over the other candidates.

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Gidiot Osborne Just Had To Have Been Puffing On Something!

Gidiot didn’t seem to be quite ‘with-it’ last Wednesday. Now it could have been because it was ‘Mufti Day’ at the Commons as they all went off on their hol-leee-days or maybe he’d been on the terrace having a smoke. Hard … Continue reading

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