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Arming teachers in schools. How much sense does that make?

By Molly McCaffrey This week the President of the United States proposed that we arm American teachers to keep our schools safe. Forgive me if I’m a tad bit slow, but I’m having a little bit of trouble figuring out … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts Donny Dump Doesn’t Seem Able To Grasp

Two quick emails to The Dump: 1) So Donny Dump, the school employed an armed guard. Now that’s a tad awkward. 2) So Donny Dump, just suppose you do manage to arm every teacher. What happens when the next attack … Continue reading

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Arming Teachers: The Thoughts Over On Facebook

I’m pretty sure there are a few teachers who follow me on FB. I was wondering – I held a shotgun licence for some 25 years until I gave it up last October. I was a half decent shot and … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Kansas Police Interview Blows Case Wide Open

Sean Sykes was under police interrogation having been pulled over by the Kansas City police for the second time. He is facing federal gun and drugs charges. The police got wind of what might be going on and having pulled … Continue reading

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When Will Americans Take The Trouble To Read Their Constitution?

So it’s happened yet again, this time in Orlando. Being simple folk over here we can’t help asking, “How can an individual legally own a weapon that lethal?” We already know what the reply will be, it’s because there is … Continue reading

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