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It’s Not Like US To Say, “We Told You So” But…….

So the whole advertising a Magazine who have adopted a campaign this week ‘thing’ might have blown up in their faces. Not that we are ones to say that we did warn them! The thing is though, we did! LINK … Continue reading

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Harriet Harman, The Daily Wail & The Tory Past

We are not too sure, other than a very pitiful attempt at a smear, what the Daily Wail thinks it’s up to. Having said that, we are not even going to waste time on The Tory Toilet Roll except to … Continue reading

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PMQ’s Update

It is hard to believe but the pathetic display by our politicians this lunchtime was even worse than we have had to suffer of late. If this weekly broadcast exists to ensure our continued contempt for these useless individuals then it is completely … Continue reading

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