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The 1% Get Their Own Way With A New Private Runway At Heathrow

What a relief for the 1%ers! They won’t have to hang around waiting for a flight home in order to reduce their taxes in the UK. This decision must have saved them millions. All those high-powered meetings that could all … Continue reading

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Heathrow Airport Expansion Decision Delayed Until May 6th 2016

This is the day after the London mayoral election and Dodgy-Dave is delaying the entire business community of the UK in an attempt to help his Tory Candidate. It’s difficult to imagine that a prime minister could be so centred … Continue reading

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David Miranda Detained For 9 Hours At Heathrow

David Miranda was held at Heathrow on Sunday for 9 hours on his way from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro. “I remained in a room, there were six different agents coming and going, talking to me,” Mr Miranda said. “They asked questions … Continue reading

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