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Tess Gives Dodgy And Giddy A Right Good Kick In The Meat & Two Veg

With Dodgy-Dave running away with his tail between his legs he was hoping to keep in touch through his best chum. Tess soon put an end to that idea as Giddy Osborne was promptly sacked the first chance she had! … Continue reading

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A Scene From “Yes, Prime Minister” Still Waiting To Be Recorded

The Housing Shortage Dave: So, we’ve got a year left, how do you reckon we can make even more money? Gideon: How about going into the property game? Dave: Too much effort. All that buying and selling is too short-term … Continue reading

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Is It Possible That Cameron Is A Lying Git?

Remember that stunt where he walked along with what appeared to be a single woman and her son as they enjoyed their new home thanks to Help to Buy to Let? This is the one. Well it is just possible that … Continue reading

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Gideon Osborne: The First Time Buyers Catcher

Just a word of warning to all First Time Buyers. The first thing to remember is that this is a General Election Bribe. Don’t kid yourselves because that’s what this is. How long was it taking to save that deposit … Continue reading

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