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Councils Raked In £1.4b In Revenue From Tickets, Permits & Penalties

Poor shop owners in the High Street are then wondering why shoppers have no money to spend! They’ve spent it all on PARKING!! Mary Portas really is just wasting her time – they are all against her! Councils have managed … Continue reading

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Parking On Double-Yellow Lines – What?? What??

We may be very simple here at the office of The Field but we would like to think that double–yellow lines were there for a reason. We would like to think that a great deal of thought had been given … Continue reading

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Another High Street Shop Hits Difficult Times

Sadly another name has found life tough on the High Street. Link Only the website at this stage but it cannot be good news. Remind us, what was Mary Portas brought in to do?

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Did Mary Portas Get Paid For That Advice?

This is just dreadful. It’s another day and now Blockbusters is in the line of fire. Gideon Osborne? Off-Shore Cameron? Do either of these clowns have any idea what is going on? What was the point of engaging Mary Portas? Well … Continue reading

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We Are Back On The Homebrew!

Tory millionaires will not worry about a rise in the Tax on drink AND NEITHER WILL WE! Be nice to know where the price rise income will go. Jeremy Isa Hunt was on the TV this morning and didn’t seem … Continue reading

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