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Hillsborough Memorials Unveiled In Liverpool

This 7ft (2.1m) bronze structure features the words “Hillsborough Disaster – we will remember them”, along with the names of all 96 Liverpool FC supporters who died. There is also an ornate mahogany clock which stands 8ft (2.4m) tall. The hands … Continue reading

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Norman Bettison – Is This Man Above The Law?

Accused of giving misleading information concerning the Hillsborough Tragedy but retired to avoid disciplinary action it is alleged.

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Justice For All

Notice how quickly the legal system swings into action because one politician lost his job? What a shame it wasn’t as quick when 96 people lost their lives.

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Just How Vile Is Kelvin MacKenzie?

We thought this was the trailer for an episode of ‘The Thick Of It’. Just how low can this individual go? Swimming with sewer rats and even they are repulsed by him. You really shouldn’t buy ANYTHING that in any way … Continue reading

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The Hillsborough Disaster.

Finally we seem to have the truth. Now there needs to be justice. Quickly.

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