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The Lions: Is History Calling?

So it is all down to this. Eden Park at 8:35 in the morning. The Third Test: New Zealand v British and Irish Lions. All the ‘Mind Games’ are over and it is simply down to two squads of rugby … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan Makes History Winning The Nobel Prize For Literature

Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature, making history by becoming the first songwriter to win the prestigious award. No point trying to come out with clever words so we’ll just leave that to master.

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Louise Mensch Manages To Un-Think Katie Hopkins – Quite An Achievement

Munchkin was looking to smear Labour party members and generally have one of her pointless little rants. Never on a Friday though, she doesn’t have time to do anything on a Friday, ask Dodgy-Dave. It involved the autocomplete on her tablet. … Continue reading

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A Little History Lesson For Cameron Of The Nasty Party

It is only up the road from us here in Fordington, Dorchester but we make no apology for that whatsoever. Tolpuddle is a mark in our history and the treatment of The Martyres is a lesson for Off-Shore Cameron to register … Continue reading

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Very Sad News As Doug Engelbart Dies Aged 88

Douglas Engelbart was the man who invented the mouse. Yes there was a time when a computer didn’t have a mouse! We are old enough to know what it was like working with a computer before the mouse came along. … Continue reading

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A May Exclusive- “I’m Disappointed People Think I’m Electioneering”

Theresa ‘Maggie’ May has spoken to us and told us that, “I’m disappointed that people think I’m after the top job, I mean, that I want to be the next Prime Minister. Nothing could be further from my thoughts. She … Continue reading

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Prof Schama Urges Teachers To Reject Gove’s New National Curriculum

Prof Simon Schama, the historian who advised the Government on the new national curriculum, has issued a stinging criticism of the final syllabus, urging teachers to reject them. He has called the final document “insulting and offensive”, “pedantic and utopian” … Continue reading

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